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I am a 23 years old straight single man living in Brisbane, Queensland

You can call me Tower

I'm a 6"4' Soldier in the Australian Army. I'm a dom, and I'm here for nsa dom/sub encounters, and if it works out well for the most part, I'll even consider taking you on full time. I've played around with a lot of aspects of BDSM, and I even enjoy dishing out hardcore humiliation and violence. That being said, I also love simply blindfolding a girl so she doesn't know what i'm going to do next. I've got a big cock, and It can either be a reward or a punishment, depends on how you play my games :)I'm a Discordian (Bonus points if you know what that is from the get-go), a horror writer, and pretty much the weirdest person you'll ever meet. I love to drink (In no way an angry drunk, however), and I've the knowledge and the money, but not the time to start trading privately.I'm strict, I expect my orders to be followed to the letter, but at the same time, I'm caring, understanding, and can put on a facade of a regular relationship to your friends and family if I take you on as my slave.

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