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I am a 34 years old straight single man living in Everett, Washington

i don't really know what to say so i'll just say hello

shy male looking to meet new people. I haven't been on in a while so I'll update. I can be less shy if our intentions are clear from the get go. Me its easy I know why I'm here and I assume you're here for the same thing we both want sex. Its very simple with me but no one seems to understand if your not interested just say so and if what you put isn't what you really want say so. What I like I'm a guy and that means I'm easy to please but I love making out and absolutely love eating pussy and I love head who doesn't and of course sex any and all positions I want to learn more and find a few good fwbs. So I'm here to meet and fuck hopefully on a regular basis no sugar coating here and I just want the same from you honesty its simple and makes everyones lives easier

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