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I am a 58 years old straight single man living in Honolulu, Hawaii

Ready for action, romance, nights walking Waikiki Beach...etc....etc.....

I am an artist, a lover, an entrepeneur, a romanticist, a gentleman, I can be hard all night, yet sensetive and caring, I am funny, always looking to the humor in situations in daily events. I think it's important to not be so serious and it's great to break up somebody's day by making them laugh. People don't get enough encouragement in life and when you offer a kind word or diffuse a volitale situation with a joke or laughter, it just seems to make the day go by better. I live for the hear and now yet like to plan and shcedule important things and plan for the future. Main reason for coming to Hawaii, as I have been thinking about how I want to retire, "Rich". I enjoy satisfying my woman to the fullest before I consider my pleasure, as it is my pleasure to satisfy my woman.

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