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I am a 24 years old straight single man living in Crown Point, Indiana

Exhausted with impossible / false networking sites.

I have many interests. Whether or not they're compatible with potential partners depends on the relationship I am able to develop with them. I consider myself very eclectic, imaginative, and accepting. We have lots to explore and talk about. So, it's a lot easier to list what I'm not looking for and a couple specific things you should know about me:I'm not looking for live-in or dedicated long term relationships, yet it's never out of the question entirely.I'm not interested in cuckolding or sissifying your husband.I'm rather androgynous, but an amateur to makeup and dress. I can perform pretty convincingly in mannerisms and behavior of either gender if I'm in the correct mindset.I'm poly. No longer polyamorous per say, but certainly polysexual.I am pansexual, not necessarily bisexual. This has been true since before I knew a damn bit of fuck all about sexuality or sociology.I HAVE ONE VERY STRICT REQUIREMENT before physical intimacy. I get tested, and you get tested.

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