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I am a 29 years old straight single woman living in Palmdale, California

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bi-sexual woman of 22 and a delighted mother. But with that I am also a student heading towards my goal with a career as a Music Educator (Marching Band Director). I love my husband, but we have this fantastic agreement that allows us to have relationships on the side. However, those relationships will not be allowed to affect my marriage or go anywhere outside of my boundaries!I love being taken to the movies and out to eat... But my favorite all time hang out is at Barnes and Noble... I play flute, saxophone and tuba in my spare time... I also enjoy road trips, but not with anyone that isn't family or personal friend, sorry. And I adore passionate men and women... passionate enough to attempt to woe me before we get into the sack... But at the same time I want friends with benifits more than anything, so you have to be cool with just hanging out too.

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