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Women Who Are Love Dating In Yuma Put Out in Arizona
I am a 46 years old straight single man living in Yuma, Arizona

I'm Hung like a well hung field mouse , But I Can lick me Eyebrows

WELL, If it worked you're now here so I better keep ya . What do ya wanna know? Ok 1st a joke... Adam looks over at Eve and said You're the most exsquisit creature God could make But y'd he make you so stupid? Eve replied " I'm So beautiful so you'd be attracted to me ,and stupid so I'd be attracted to you. Any way I'm 6'1" Around 190-195 Married once Divorced once Battin 1000 on that. Hell I'm stoppin now can't recall ever being perfect , Just kiddin (I'm always right) Oh, Hope you like smartaspesI tend to joke a lot gotta keep ya on your' toes (rather have you... )Uh forget it

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