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I am a 38 years old bisexual single woman living in San Diego, California

Fuck toy in San Diego, where the sin begins

I love sex PERIOD. I can fuck all day any day, no hang ups, sex should be fun and easy, I'm a chick you don't have to take to dinner first to get down my pants. I know within 5 minutes of meeting you if I'lll fuck you or not, so I won't waste your time nor mine with games. I'm funny and usually am the life of the party, if I want to be or not. I love to have a good time and make sure at least everyones else does. I am a what you see is what you get type of girl. Sometimes I'm too honest, and speak my mind, some poeple call that a bitch but then again those people or usually weak and timid and I have no patience for either. So if your a go getter and not afraid to be as "WHORISH" as me. Lets party all night long!!

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