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I am a 45 years old straight single man living in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey

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I am a health care professional who is driven, passionate, intelligent, sexual, and healthy. My background reflects an intense life of exploration which seeks passion, excitement, knowledge, wisdom, and the power that comes from such a journey. Think of a mix between a gentleman, a mischievous romantic, a warrior, a mystic, and a scholar...I have been a martial artist for many years, read voraciously, am spiritual with a diverse theological background, am an initiated member of several mystical Traditions, explore many hidden paths of awareness and knowledge (including Tantric ones), am an active participant of outdoor sports/activities, have an extensive background in anthropology/history/ evolutionary psychology/ zoology/botany, quantum physics, cosmology, general science, and have a deep seated love for animals and nature that has guided my whole life. Trained as a Tracker in the Apache Scout Tradition, I am quite at home in the wilderness and can show any companion worlds that they have never known. I am very well traveled, enjoy a wide range of music, movies, and love to go out for a good time. I am a driven, yet balanced, mix of an intense take charge sexual orientation which is tempered by generosity and tenderness. I offer respect, honesty, integrity, excitement, and the opportunity to explore one's fantasies in exchange for the same. I am easy going and open minded, and have a great sense of humor. I love to laugh and hang out with people who can just relax, be themselves and enjoy the moment.While I wouldn't walk away from the right LTR if it presented itself, I am primarily interested in making no strings attached "friends with benefits". I am promise a lot of fun, steamy sex, and an infinite range of possibilities. If you are interested in checking out the rest of what I have to offer, email me and say hello. Till then.

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