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I am a 48 years old bisexual single woman living in Modesto, California


Average, 5'4, 34DD, brown hair, brown eyes, very funny, self-employed...I am self-employed and work a lot. Gardening, Las Vegas, the beach, skiing and snowboarding with my son, I love to play! Sports are always at the top of my list -- baseball, football, extreme sports -- I love them all. I am a jeans and flip flop kinda girl. However I do own a business and clean up pretty well! I am very quick witted -- sometimes that gets me into a bit of trouble -- but very funny nevertheless. I love art and music but could not tell you the famous artist from the local artist. I like wine but you will most likely find me drinking a Corona and doing way too many Kamazazie shots. I have a goofy brain, crazy stuff going through it all day. Hey. Has anyone figured out why in baseball scorekeeping they use a K for a strikeout instead of an X as they do in bowling? Why is home plate not called home base and why is it not shaped like a base? And the one that drives me totally nuts -- Why isn't Corona a twist off? And then there's how I started this describing myself -- married 22 years. I could have summed up the "describe yourself" as... Sexually starved...

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