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I am a 53 years old straight single man living in Irving, Texas

Looking to try something new!

I'm a southern gentleman by nature, with an outgoing, upbeat and dominant (but not controlling) personality (ie: plays well with others. LOL :D ). I can be as nasty as they "cum"! I am self employed. I'm a good looking guy, 5' 10", 175 lbs, very little body hair and clean shaven, with a very cute ass and smile, and a little MORE than average cock. I don't have any "baggage", absolutely no hangups, ie: NOT homophobic, no "no zones", no inhibitions, no insecurities or disabilities.(basically, DRAMA FREE) BABY, IF IT FEELS GOOD, CUM ON AND DO IT. Not to mention, talk to me and tell me what feels good and what you want. I prefer a partner that is comfortable with their sexuality and is not hesitant about telling what they like! I enjoy someone that can be vocal during sex (as opposed to just "noisy" LOL ). The nastier, the better. I am very adventurous and always willing to try something new and/or different, as in "What's good for the goose is good for the gander! I am kind of extroverted and have very good "people skills". I try to always remember that "Life COULD be worse!""I once felt sorry for myself because I had no shoes...till I met a man who had no feet."

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