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I started having three ways the moment I got to college. But they got boring fast. They had no excitement. Once I got married, things didn't change. I decided it was time to sign up for some casual hook ups. Relationship Dates came highly recommended by a lot of my married friends. I made a profile and met some very nice interesting young men who just needed a sexual outlet. That was such a turn on to me. We were his sex toy, he used us as he saw fit. Every weekend we were with a new men. I love this website, if it's possible to love a website. I'm never cancelling my account. I found my second husband on this account and we've gone from regular hot sex to mind blowing threesomes. He says I'm sexiest when he gets to watch me with another man. Thanks Relationship Dates, for taking me as a single girl and taking me as a married woman. - JustLookingForfun
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I had never had a three way, I never got offered the chance. When I signed up for Relationship Dates I was just expecting to meet a few nice people, maybe have some casual sex. One night a young couple messaged me for a night of drinking and casual sex with the two of them. I agreed right away! My first three way happened with this website, what bar can say that? Not to mention I met my husband in that threeway. If you don't sign up, you're missing out on the best opportunity. You might even find the love of your life in the midst of all the hot sex. - BeerPongChamps
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I never thought I would be turned on by watching my wife have sex with some hot guy from the website while I watched. I'm so happy I signed up for this website. I was introduced to a world that I didn't know existed. This website has become my social life. Having some hot be apart of our relationship in a sexual way is freeing and I feel like he's really helping our relationship find its groove. Thanks for giving me this chance Relationship Dates. I have nothing but praise for this site. I didn't know the kind of stuff I would be into before this website happened. Who knew, I would be so fine with letting someone have sex with my wife. - ShesSassyHesClassy

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I signed up on here to meet sexy housewife's who were bored. I found more than that almost immediately. Being a third party to a fun couple is even better then being the other man. Knowing everyone is ok with it, makes it hotter. I thought getting caught was hot, but this trumps that. I always look forward to singing on and seeing my inbox full of messages from couples looking to add me into the equation. Relationship Dates is the best part of my sex life. Finding some hot sex was just what I needed. I'm never ashamed to say that I meet all my hook ups on Relationship Dates. It's my favourite pass time. I don't know why you're still reading this and not signing up.

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My friend told me to sign up. She said it would get me out of my shell. I met a lovely gay couple the first day of signing up. They brought me out of my shell and I became more than just a sex toy to them. I feel like I'm apart of their relationship. It never would've happened without Relationship Dates. Thanks for me new life. Trust me, if you want to meet new people, and have great casual sex. This is the ultimate place to do it! Sign up right now, and get crazy! The best part of life is not knowing when my next lay will be or who it will be with. It makes everything so much more exciting. Don't even know what I did before this website. It's the only place to go to. This site made going to bars so boring.

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I've been to Paris, I've seen the Great Wall, but my favourite place to be is on and my favorite people to be with are the couples who call me up out of the blue and ask me to come over. I live for this website. It's better than champagne. Thanks for making my life exciting Relationship Dates. I never want to meet people in any other way. This was relaxed and fun and I felt so fancy picking out the couples I hooked up with.

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I love threeways, two guys one girl, one girl two guys, three guys. It's all amazing and so much fun. Being from a small town, it was hard to find other guys like me. That is why I turned to dating websites. None of them ever worked out for until I found Relationship Dates, for the first time I felt like I belonged somewhere. It did not matter here if I wanted girls or boys, in most cases I got to have both. Thanks for making me feel like I belong in the world. I owe all of my sex life to Relationship Dates.


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I used to believe that love was out there for this little boy. But after a few crappy relationships, I found someone amazing. But, realized that maybe what I needed was not love but some amazing hot sex. I'm glad I signed up. I never thought of myself as the type who finds something online, but meeting hot men online who want to make your wildest dreams come true, is better than drugs. I'm helping my boyfriend and I and their helping my soul. We are stronger than ever because of this website. He said he loved me, and sometimes he loves even more when we have someone else in bed with us. Who does not love a little adventure?


People think I'm crazy for using online hook up websites, but when they hear my stories of sexy men and my hot wife who want my body, they get all jealous that they aren't on here. Sexy men, sexy women, no questions? Pretty sure that's what living is all about. I feel like a stud, I can't believe I didn't find this site sooner. I'm always telling my friends that signing up is the hardest thing you have to do on the website, everything else is butter. Not to mention the people on here are so open and friendly, it's hard to not want to meet everyone. Maybe one day when my schedule allows it, I'll make my rounds meeting every single person. My wife thinks I might be addicted but she isn't complaining. She loves it just as much.


Meeting a nice casual boy on here to join our bed was amazing and so easy. He messaged us and we all met up for a drink. If I could recommend him to people I would, but there are so many gorgeous guys on here that's it's the easiest way to meet someone ever. I'm always telling my girlfriends that this is the place to be. Hot guys, great conversations, and nothing but good times to be had. I love that website helps us find something that our relationship was missing for a while. She was very happy with how we are now.