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I live for threeway. After I had a few in college I felt that I needed them more in my life. Regular one on one sex got boring fast. When I met my husband he felt the same way. So I signed us up on here, this site made sure that I found exactly what I was looking for. I just wanted a gorgeous third party. Someone sexy young and willing to go the distance for a couple that loves each other. It's so fun and sexy, I don't know why I haven't been doing this for years. If you like having fun and getting laid, this is the site to do it. My husband and I have the best relationship, this site just helps us go a little wild. - SoulMatesNeedLoving
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My life revolved around school and family. I had sex once at a party with my ex before he left for college. I grew up too fast and ever got a chance to be wild and crazy. Going to school for medicine doesn't give you lots for free time. Then I met my boyfriend and he was understanding but the sex got dull fast. So I signed up on here and within moments and a beautiful girl was asking us if we wanted to have a drink at their place. Thanks for helping my boyfriend see that I'm not all books. I'm looks too. - FoundLoveFindingYou
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The only time I've been in threeway was through this website. My husband and I had a dry spell and I thought this would be a fun way to add a little something to my relationship. Within minutes I was pretty much interviewing girls for the job of being our bedroom companion. I found the perfect girl, she was so hot. All three of us got together and all of a sudden we were hitting it off and clothes were hitting the floor. Plus it was extremely hot. Steamy hot action that lasted hours. I'm definitely going to call her again. Probably even before my husband has a chance to ask first. - LokingForYou

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I swear, looking for a threesome felt kind of scary at first. That wore off the moment I found Tammy and Jack, they were funny, stylish and down to earth. They invited me over for some drinks and, well, I can't say that I've never been in a three way anymore. It felt great to be this sexy helper in their marriage. They've called me a few more times since then, and every time I go over they seem happier and happier. I like being the relationship sex guru.

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This couple looked me up and asked if I would be interested in joining them both for drinks one night. They were older, probably about 15 years. But I thought to myself, they're probably classy and comfortable. I was right, they made me feel at home, we were instant friends and our night together was so hot and steamy. I've gone out a few times now this older couples, they just treat you better. I feel sexy and fun and wild to them which makes me feel that way too. Thanks Relationship Dates. One day, I'll find love and when I do this site will know. But I can't say that I'll delete my account, but I will change my status to looking for discreet relationship. Thanks RD.

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Before I met my husband I used to live on this website. Looking for casual hook ups, hot one night stands and on occasion a steamy threesome. I never felt more alive. Especially when a sex couple would ask me out for drinks, cause I knew that my night would be insanely fun and sexy. If I hadn't met the man of my dreams I would be on this site constantly, like a young college girl again. Relationship Dates is the best place for any of your sexy dream needs.

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Feeling two people unhook my bra at the same time is the sexiest thing I've ever felt. The first time it happened was with two people I met on this site. Since then, it's all I look for. Two people looking to have the best night of their lives. This is the perfect place to get any of your needs met. Trust me, any of your needs will be met here.


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Bars got old to me fast, meeting the same guy over and over was over done. I wanted excitement. So I signed up. I met a bunch of people instantly and started a new life. I even found myself a boyfriend. But the best part was meeting these sexy young women who just wanted to go wild with a couple. I swear it took my life by storm and I don't plan on deleting my account anytime soon. We have become accustom to hooking up with girls through this website for hot sexy three ways. This added a lot more sauce to our pot and we love every minute of being on here.


Don't worry about getting shy here, everyone on here is the nicest person alive. All they want is someone to be with. The sex was foreplay to the life we had always wanted. We never thought we would get it if it wasn't for Relationship Dates. Thanks a billion. It brought us closer together as a couple and now all we have to worry about is making enough room in our schedule for this. I can't wait to see who we find next.


If you're looking for a coffee date, look somewhere else. This is hottest hookup website in the city. It's more than just meeting guys or girls, it's being a fun couples that want to make some special girl the centre of attention. From the moment we signed up we knew we were getting myself into a whole new world of hot sex and threeways and dates that would go down in history. If this is living then whatever we were doing before was just getting by. The most fun life ever begins when you click sign up. My husband and I love trolling on here for a gorgeous women to join us. They make us feel a live, like we're back in college again.